Waptutors Academy is Equipping Nigerians with High-in Demand Skills

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Waptutors Academy is Equipping Nigerians with High-in Demand Skills
Waptutors Academy is Equipping Nigerians with High-in Demand Skills
Waptutors Academy is Equipping Nigerians with High-in Demand Skills
Waptutors Academy is Equipping Nigerians with High-in Demand Skills
Waptutors Academy is Equipping Nigerians with High-in Demand Skills

Unemployment has been on a steady increase in a rather depleted Nigeria’s labor market. While the majority of the blame could be passed down to poor governance, corrupt society, and constant devaluation of Nigerian schools and the graduates they produce, the absence of good skills has also contributed to the joblessness of Nigerian youths. 

It has become more evident in recent years that the only way to get past the issue of unemployment in Africa and the world is to acknowledge that technology has taken over the world and the only way to be, or remain relevant in the job market is by acquiring digital skills.

Let’s travel back in time to the year 2010 when the unemployment rate was at the lowest. You could get a job just as fast as you graduate because what you were taught in school was just enough for the employers at that time. But today those days are gone.

In today’s world, a 10-year-old child with the right skill could make millions of dollars sitting on a couch and playing video games. That is how advanced the world is today, the job market has gone beyond sitting in an office and working 9-5 just to get your daily bread.

There are thousands of skills out there that you can learn, develop, and also earn a lot of passive income with it while enjoying your freedom and free time with family. This is what we are trying to achieve at Waptutors Academy, financial freedom for everyone old and young. At Waptutors Academy, we teach you life-time skills that can help you grow financially and finally live that lifestyle you constantly dream of. 

What You Need to Succeed Now and in the Future

Learning high in-demand skills is definitely the way forward for anyone who would have the opportunity to be liberated financially. To succeed in this 21st-century labor market, you need a comprehensive skillset that comprises digital skills, technical skills, socio-emotional skills as well as cognitive skills.

The skills that you need to pursue should not only help you become highly employable, it should also allow you to create your own business and grow your finance and investment portfolios.

Mind you, “Hope is not a strategy, skills are” The education and skill provided at Waptutors Academy, ensures that you get significant values that would enable you to use new techniques taught in the academy to develop confidence in trading and investing.

High-Demand Skills that you acquire at Waptutors Academy

It is often said that “The best investments are in yourself”, and what better way to invest in yourself and your future than learning and developing new skills. The skills you learn inside the Waptutors academy will set you up to make money now and even more money in the future. Take for instance our digital assets trading course where we provide you with several experienced tutors with at least 8 years of experience in the business. These tutors are there to personally teach and guide you until you have mastered the trading skill and even after that, they will still be there to mentor you for life, providing you all the support you need.

Do you think that is cool? wait until you access our signal platform where you get tested and accurate signal updates on your WhatsApp, email, discord, telegram, and even via text telling you which coin to buy and which one will pump to a 10x, 100x, even 1000x.

Waptutors Academy also provides you the best platform to learn how to create your own non-fungible Token (NFT) and sell them for Thousands of Dollars, Millions of dollars and so many unbelievable prices. Selling NFTs has become very lucrative in recent years and it opens the door for just about anyone. For instance, a 12-year old boy Benyamin Ahmed made £290,000 (#221,850,000) selling his weird whale collection. This shows that anyone in any niche whether an artist, comedian, musician, trader, or a regular lover of arts can also make huge money with skills like NFT Trading.

If blogging is what you like, then you will probably jump on the opportunity for a lifetime mentorship program with Fidelis Ozuawala, one of the most renowned bloggers from Nigeria and the CEO of Waploaded.com. Through this program, you will be able to learn how to make $5,000 monthly on niche blogging, Fidelis is currently training thousands of people on Facebook through a group called Niche Blogging Nigeria on how to become profitable as a blogger completely free..

You also learn other skills like how to How to Build & Design Sales Funnels; YouTube SEO Mastery to help you succeed as a Vlogger, Technical Analysis to help understand where the financial market is going and so much more.

The goal of Waptutors Academy is to help eradicate poverty and we believe this can only be achieved through skills development and it is not a coincidence that we provide various courses, training, services, and products from reputable facilitators to help you gain high in-demand skills that help you earn so much money.

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