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40+ Videos: Beginners Course in Trading

This is a beginners course to profitable trading, that contains unlimited training videos capable of teaching you the basics about trading.

An intro into the world of crypto

This course does NOT give you access to our private telegram groups, private Whatsapp groups, Telegram Signal alert, Whatsapp Signals, SMS Signal Alerts, Email Signal Alerts, Zoom Meetings, Live Technical Analysis and Consultations.

All the above can be found inside the PRO Course “Trading Course & Signals Groups

Some of the videos inside the Academy are:

  • What are Cryptocurrencies
  • Explaining Blockchain Technology
  • How to Spot a coin that can 10x easily
  • How to Buy Cryptocurrencies
  • What every trader needs to know (10 Tips)
  • Crypto Assets Classification
  • How to diversify your portfolio
  • How to research into a potential GEM
  • Futures Trading & How to Avoid Liquidation
  • How to Spot coin that is in accumulation and may pump soon
  • How to Know the Satoshi Value
  • Explains Kinds of Exchanges
  • Explaining the Various Blockchain Networks
  • How to register and secure an Exchange Account (Binance)
  • How to Trade (Buy/Sell) on CEX
  • How to Farm tokens on Binance
  • How to get into a coin quickly on Binance (Launchpad)
  • How to Trade on a Decentralized Exchange
  • How To Deposit And Withdraw Crypto
  • How to Mitigate Risk & Scale profits with Stop Losses
  • Top 6 Hold Coins for every month - EOY
  • How to Calculate Profits and Losses (The Easy Way)
  • Picking Exit positions in Trades easily
  • Arbitrage Trading and How to make money with it
  • Various Order Types in A Centralized exchange
  • Fundamental Analysis in Crypto Trading
  • Technical Analysis in Crypto Trading
  • Easy Risk Management Strategy
  • What is DEFI and What are our top HODL Coin in DEFI
  • Various Abbreviation in the Crypto Space and Meaning
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and our TOP NFT Projects
  • Blockchain and Crypto Security Tips
  • Different types of Blockchain proofs and which is best
  • What Does Bitcoin Halving Mean?
  • Where and How to store your crypto assets (Safest place)
  • Differences between Futures Trading and Spot trading
  • What is Flash loan attacks and how to Avoid it
  • How to DCA Properly into Trades
  • How to Manually add tokens to your Wallets
  • How to Stake Coins in A DEX
  • How to Create a Decentralized Wallet
  • Complete Futures Trading Guide
  • Understanding Order book in a Centralized exchange
  • How to Make money in Blockchain without trading
  • How to Buy and Sell crypto using Binance P2P
  • Leverage tokens & Make money in Spot even when market is going down
  • ..and many more..

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